Did you see Brother Jed today?

He’s back and crazier than ever! I know I already did a post about Jed this summer, but that is besides the point. Jed was ranting about everything from homosexuals to pink elephants. Following my Communications 1200 class I headed on over to Speakers Circle to listen to the rants. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Jed he is a radical Christian who lives by every word in the Bible. This man is so over the top and narcissistic (being that he believes he is a great preacher) that many fellow Christians and believers of God are humiliated by his representation. 

No one ever goes to just listen to Jed, they go to question his beliefs.

Check it out sometimes if you want to fill some time in between classes. No one can be certain when Jed will show up to the circle. Your best chances of catching him are on days with nice weather.